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Using Google in a different way and changing the world

With teenage optimism, and using “a teenagers two best friends Google and Wikipedia” and determined hard work Jack Thomas Andraka (aged 16 and still at high school)  has developed an early warning test for pancreatic cancer.

In a recent TED talk interview , posted by Brooke Borel, he was asked if he had any advice for other inventors and scientists,  his answer was: “to use the Internet in cool ways to solve your problems.” He said that he used Google and Wikipedia, and when the questioner asked him how he used Google in ways that were different Jack answered:

“Well, the typical teenager doesn’t use Google to find scientific articles. They are typically on Tumblr, Facebooking, liking pictures a person posted of their food on Instagram. And so that’s why I am really passionate about showing them that, hey, you can be changing the world.”

Watch his TED talk and be inspired!

Filmed in February 2013 at Long Beach, California

To hear Jack talking about his discovery and its potential for the future go here.

Mrs H.

Happy Birthday Twitter – Seven Years Old

Twitter was created seven years ago by Jack Dorsey. It uses messages called tweets, which can only be a maximum of 140 characters. This keeps them short and sweet. Topics of interest use a hash symbol #. If you want to see a list of topics, or hashtags, especially those that are popular and are trending well, see here.

Twitter describes itself as a real-time information network “ that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting” it goes on to say “Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about” ….  Welcome to Twitter. One of the useful things about Twitter is its immediacy.

Do you use Twitter? How do you use it? Do you post tweets, or do you read, react and use Twitter as a source of discovery? Do you use it like Facebook or Wikipedia?  If you search it for information according to research by Globalwebindex (posted in January 2013) under the title  Twitter Now The Fastest Growing Social Platform In The World you are in the fast growing sector of people that use Twitter “as a passive source of discovery … and … are using [it] more as a tool, or service, rather than a pure social service.”

Mrs H.