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Spurt a balls and all story by Chris Miles


If you have read all the Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney [including the last one The Long Haul] then this is the perfect book for you.
It is a story about a smart guy called Jack Sprigley waiting for signs of puberty to kick in, who unwisely, and not so smartly decides to try and fake it.
“ So far, Jack had come up with three possible reasons for his freakish lack of progress in the man-parts department:

1. His body was building up to a massive growth spurt. At some point soon he’d turn into an Incredible Hulk of puberty and sprout a pair of really enormous testicles.
2. It was a punishment from the gods for becoming semi-famous in Grade 6
3. There’d been a mix-up at the hospital and he was actually a girl.”

Chris Miles is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. Apart from writing a couple of non-fiction books he has also written for the best-selling Zac Power series under the name of H.I.Larry see Mind games.

Chris Miles describes Spurt like this:


To find out more about Chris Miles visit his website here.