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100 Essential Reads for the Lifelong Learner

With the holidays right upon us, you could well find some time for reading. Here’s a list I came upon this morning – it should keep you going for quite a few holidays! You won’t find all of them in our library, but as the picture above shows, we do have some to get you started.

Mr F

What everyone should read

A visual cloud list of books you should read – from The Guardian’s “Datablog”. They have been gathered from the results of over 15 notable book polls, reader surveys and “Top 100″s, both popular and high-brow. They include all Pulitzer Prize winners, Desert Island Discs choices from recent years, Oprah’s Bookclub list, and The Guardian’s “Top 100 Books of All Time”.

Reading List

Some suggestions for reading – from an English Dept List. It includes many Classic reads, as well as a number of general books which have stood the test of time. The suggested reading age alongside each should help you choose something manageable.

Collect your booklist from the Library Issues desk.