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Recon Team Angel: Assault – Brian Falkner’s latest

With this novel Brian Falkner joins the ranks of Robert Muchamore, John Marsden and Anthony Horowitz, and it promises to be the first of a series of full-on action/war thrillers for young adults.

Set in 2030, the world has been taken over by alien invaders, the Bzadians, who have gradually infiltrated to Earth from their dying planet since the 1940s, landing first in Australia, then gradually taking over the large land masses of Asia, Africa and Europe. All that stops their full world occupation is the determined resistance from the forces of North and South America, and New Zealand – in particular, Recon Team Angel, a multi-national group of highly trained and well-equipped teenage soldiers.

The action begins from the first page, and doesn’t stop. This is a real page-turner, and the sequels are bound to be just as action-packed as this first volume. Brian Falkner has created a mix of credible teenage characters, fast-moving plot, and high-tech war gadgetry which is sure to appeal.

Watch for the sequel (s)!

Mr F

Settlers’ Creek by Carl Nixon

Have just finished this thoroughly good read, from a fine writer. Settlers’ Creek reflects the current New Zealand situation and environment in a very believable way. Carl Nixon‘s story of the family tragedy, when Box Saxton’s teenage stepson commits suicide and his body is highjacked by his biological father for burial elsewhere, is most engrossing and fast-moving. Saxton, once a successful property developer, but then bankrupted by the economic recession, emerges as a strong and credible character as he takes action to deal with the crisis.

A fine read which should appeal to senior students and staff. Some of you will remember Carl from his visit to King’s College in our 2009 Literacy Week.