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Praise for those in the “Tech Generation”

Are you one of those who are “as conversant with technology as you are with breathing”?

If so, you will not be surprised at the comments in David Pogue’s recent column in the New York Times in which he discusses the fascinating ideas his students came up with when they were set the task of re-designing the ordinary watch.

Novel as the ideas were, his column didn’t show pictures of any of the design ideas mentioned. A little web browsing for “unusual watch designs” brought a link to the following site with its 15 Unusual and Creative Watches, which provide some visual examples of just what is possible when designers turn their hands to everyday items.

Paper Computers: The Next New Thing?

As reported in the New York Times Technology blog, Friday, 13 May, 2011:
Researchers at the Queens University Human Media Lab in
Canada recently showcased a new flexible display that looks
like paper while offering a fully interactive touch screen - noted in
David Pogue’s Personal Tech column in the New York Times