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Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant

Good news for all Michael Grant fans (author of the popular Gone series) !

A new series starting with Messenger of Fear has arrived in the library today. It promises to be a tense supernatural story of good and evil. If you enjoyed the weirdness of Gone, you are going to race through Messenger of Fear.

“Why do we need to understand? I want to ask him that, because there has to be some very good reason why my subconscious mind would lay these sad images before me like a fortune teller laying out her tarot cards. But all of Messenger’s answers were vague, and after all, was there a point in asking why within a dream? Eventually I would wake up, and then I could consider the meaning of it all. Calmly, coolly, with the sick sadness of it all pushed aside and relabeled as nothing more than random imagery conjured from an overtired mind.”

Light by Michael Grant

Light  is the sixth and final book in the Gone series by Michael Grant who visited King’s college in 2010.

His exciting series starts with all the adults over the age of 15 disappearing from the town of Perdido Beach, and then unusual things start to happen ….

If you’ve read some of this series have a listen to this interview with Michael Grant. Warning, if you haven’t read the books ( and you like to go into a book not knowing what is going to happen)in this interview he does talk about what happens to some characters.

The books in order are:

  • Gone
  • Hunger
  • Lies
  • Plague
  • Fear
  • Light

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For a lot more information on the Gone series including the characters, the battles, photos and videos have a look at this Wikifayz

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Michael Grant – Plague

Remember Michael Grant from his visit to King’s in Term 4 last year?
Book 4 of his popular supernatural series, “Gone”, is about to arrive in our library.
Have you read all the books already in the series?
And now “Plague”.
With two more yet to come – “Fear” and “Light”.
Here’s the book trailer for “Plague”.