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INFOGRAPHIC: A Peek Inside Online Retailers’ Warehouses

They are set up for our ordering convenience, but as the detail on this infographic from MakeUseOf.com reveals, things are not quite as wonderful for those involved in making sure our orders come smoothly and in the shortest possible time.

One underlying message here could be: Don’t neglect your local bookseller!

Mr F

What happens in an Internet minute?

Another mind-boggling infographic from the Intel Free Press Tech News site:

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Infographic – A Day in the Internet

Text Messaging

This infographic spells out the huge development of texting since its beginnings in 1992.
It's been with us just over 19 years - teenagers will find it hard to believe it hasn't always been around.

Mr F

What everyone should read

A visual cloud list of books you should read – from The Guardian’s “Datablog”. They have been gathered from the results of over 15 notable book polls, reader surveys and “Top 100″s, both popular and high-brow. They include all Pulitzer Prize winners, Desert Island Discs choices from recent years, Oprah’s Bookclub list, and The Guardian’s “Top 100 Books of All Time”.

Gary’s Hayes Social Media count – January 2011

If you want to know what’s happening in the social media world, this graphic counter will provide you with all the information you could possibly need. Just use the menu buttons at the top right to move through the media types. It’s really mind-boggling! And possibly addictive!

Accessed via Stephen’s Lighthouse blog

Google By the Numbers Infographic

Ever wondered about the Google search engine we take so much for granted? Just how massive is it?
Google by the Numbers

The (Visual) History of the Batmobile

A (very long) visual timeline of the various versions of the Batmobile from 1941 to 2010 in the form of a comic book page – from carinsurance.org.

We do have some Batman comics/graphic novels on the King’s College Library shelves at 741.5 – together with a whole range of other graphic novels. Have a look!

On Facebook? You’re certainly not alone!

The world seems certainly obsessed by Facebook, and the figures to prove it are provided in this information-filled infographic from SocialHype and OnlineSchools.org.
Are We Obsessed with Facebook?