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Using Google in a different way and changing the world

With teenage optimism, and using “a teenagers two best friends Google and Wikipedia” and determined hard work Jack Thomas Andraka (aged 16 and still at high school)  has developed an early warning test for pancreatic cancer.

In a recent TED talk interview , posted by Brooke Borel, he was asked if he had any advice for other inventors and scientists,  his answer was: “to use the Internet in cool ways to solve your problems.” He said that he used Google and Wikipedia, and when the questioner asked him how he used Google in ways that were different Jack answered:

“Well, the typical teenager doesn’t use Google to find scientific articles. They are typically on Tumblr, Facebooking, liking pictures a person posted of their food on Instagram. And so that’s why I am really passionate about showing them that, hey, you can be changing the world.”

Watch his TED talk and be inspired!

Filmed in February 2013 at Long Beach, California

To hear Jack talking about his discovery and its potential for the future go here.

Mrs H.

RIP Google Reader 2005-2013

After eight years Google Reader comes to an end.


Image source Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/feestdagen-schoolvakanties-belgie/8586869478/sizes/o/in/photolist-e5MX8L-e5MX5N-49oHhG-6pmZS7-5H2K2s-4dXf5j-8LLxfh-4DWndA-6pmW6m-4Hqw6t-5wxe6z-7pUVS9-tfoCK-8LLxj7-5GwTQw-3Umdhy-3pae56-3peMM1-3pae34-aB1ooD-2pDxST-GSHXD-z3QAV-5RmAYB-7K7hMJ-775GLP-4KDQEp-4KJ7nG-4KDQEV-35NWLd-5DaFrT-4KDQEB-5YMBcR-4dDEXo-5GpBbB-4dEipb-7bpxYa-6PpwV1-5ujFY-66yLCc-6VsJb7-iWn5f-8DhNMy-GH1CG-oXrs2-2ywEeb-5facp4-ErmP2-tfoDa-6K2rbD-zuiGT/

On Monday 1st July 2013 Google is ending Google Reader its service platform that collected news and information. If you have been using Google Reader, now is the time to collect your data and move on, using something like Google Takeout “ a tool that lets you quickly and easily download data that you created in (or imported into) a number of Google products. It provides the data in a variety of open; portable formats so that you can easily import it into other internet services.”
I have to admit that I am one of those who have left things to the very last minute. So what are the alternatives? Have a look through the list below for some ideas. I don’t think there is a quick fix; we are all going to have to try them out, and see how they work for us. Good luck and get organised!

1. Feedly
Feedly is a very popular alternative at the moment. It is also available on iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Android Tablet.
2. Newsblur
NewsBlur is a personal news reader which pushes stories directly to you, so you can read news as it comes in. It can also be used on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android.
3. Pulse
Pulse is an RSS Reader and it also is ready to welcome you and import your feeds from Google Reader. With Pulse you can read, save & share your favorite stories.
Looks bright and welcoming
4. The Old Reader
The Old Reader, calls itself the ultimate social RSS reader. “It allows you to browse your daily dose of content with that very special bit shared by your friends, with notes and comments. Your new The Old Reader account is shipped empty, so the first thing you should do is add some feeds to read. If you are migrating from Google Reader or any other RSS software that can export subscriptions to OPML file, you can use the ‘Import’ feature to add all your feeds. We will even migrate all your feed folders to ensure that you feel yourself at home immediately.”
5. Digg Reader (sign in with Google)
Today is the day that Digg is available to everyone. “For our first public release, in time to (just) beat the shutdown of Google Reader, our aim has been to nail the basics: a web and mobile reading experience that is clean, simple, functional, and fast. We’re also introducing a tool that allows users to elevate the most important stories to the top. And so next week we will begin rolling out Digg Reader, version 1.”
6. Flipboard
Flipboard is visually attractive and works well on the iPad. It is best described as a “ personal magazine, filled with the things you care about. Catch up on the news, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest to you–all in one place.”

Mrs H.

New Google Images Feature – Sort by Subject

News from The Official Google Blog 13 May 2011:
“When you’re searching for images, sometimes it can be hard to come up with exactly the right words to describe what you have in mind. For example, when you think of London, you might picture the iconic clock tower or the big Ferris wheel. You may not always remember the names of those landmarks, but you can visualize them in your mind. To make it easier for you to find images in situations like these, you can now use Google Images with sorting.

When you search for [london], by default you’ll see image results ranked by relevance. Click on “Sort by subject” in the left-hand panel and you’ll see images organized into categories that will narrow down your search and help you find the exact image of London that you want.”

Click on the Google Images example above to see this in action.
Now try a general search for Books in Google Images – this is called a Search by Relevance.
Next see what happens when you click on “Sort by Subject” from the left menu.

Useful? It doesn’t work for all topics, only for those which can sorted into sub-topics.
But it could save you valuable time when you need a specific aspect of the topic.

Google By the Numbers Infographic

Ever wondered about the Google search engine we take so much for granted? Just how massive is it?
Google by the Numbers