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A Tornado of Books

Another piece of Book Art, this time from the blog, “My Modern Met.” There are other pictures here also from the artist, Alicia Martin, together with a video showing her Cordoba installation (and how its book pages flutter in the wind) in its its physical setting.

Fascinating as they are, I still think I prefer “reading” books to using them as “Book Art.”

Mr F

Other things to do with books …

This is just one example from a website display of works by book surgeon, Brian Dettemer.

Reading is what most likely comes to mind when books are mentioned, but there are plenty of other interesting things that creative-minded people have put them to. A quick Google search for “other things to do with books” provides a fascinating collection of ideas. Off-beat Earth has a wide selection, so does the WrittenWord blog,  StudentHacks lists another ten examples,  Jacqueline Rush Lee’s website shows off her collection of book sculptures, and perhaps most impressive of all are the landscape works of Guy Laramee. from the Inspiration Feed website.

How many more can you think of?

Mr F