Grey’s Folly by Alan La Roche

If you are interested in the history of New Zealand and the lives of those who lived locally, then I suggest you have a look at “Grey’s Folly” a book published in 2011 by Alan La Roche. It took him seven years to put together and is packed with interesting information, drawings, maps and photographs about the ” History of Howick, Pakuranga, Bucklands-Eastern Beaches, East Tamaki, Whitford, Beachlands and Maraetai”. We are very lucky to have been given a second copy of the book by the author himself.
The title of the book “Grey’s Folly” comes from the historic name some people gave to the village of Howick because they felt that the choice of site for Howick (by Governor George Grey) was too far from Auckland.

Mrs H.


One response to “Grey’s Folly by Alan La Roche

  1. Riccardo Massari

    The Alan Le Roch links in the blurb are excellent for anyone interested in this sort of historical material.

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