America’s Cup tension continues….

… both in the Library and the Common Room, as staff and students watched Emirates Team New Zealand win their eighth point (in race 11) against Oracle Team USA in San Fransisco at school this morning.  With Emirates Team New Zealand (the challenger) needing only one more point to win the 34th America’s Cup, and the  second race for the day being postponed due to high wind, we will have to wait until tomorrow for more exciting racing, and to  discover [maybe] who will win the oldest sporting trophy.

With fingers and toes crossed we wish good luck to the whole team including Rob Waddell an old collegiate.

What would James Cook, captain of HMS Endeavour, make of Dean Barker , skipper of the Emirates Team New Zealand and the America’s Cup 72 class wing sail catamaran? Two hundred and forty five years separate the technology of both craft. As Sam Gustin wrote recently “the AC72s are capable of reaching nearly 50 miles per hour — faster than the speed limit on the Golden Gate Bridge — while flying feet above the water on thin underwater foils, called daggerboards, which lift the boats out of the water, reducing drag and increasing speed.”

Comparison of the two vessels

Comparison of the two vessels

James Cook ” is a key figure in the history of New Zealand” for mapping “the outline of the country’s coast so thoroughly and accurately that all the remaining voyages of discovery…had merely to fill in the detail and correct minor errors”.

Graeme Lay has just published a novel on the early life of the great sea captain.

The Secret Life of James Cook by Graeme Lay

The Secret Life of James Cook by Graeme Lay

Mrs H.

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