Spud – Exit, pursued by a bear

The Spud books are a series of very funny stories about John Milton,  and his experiences at a South African boarding school for boys, not too dissimilar to King’s College. If you want a change from “life and death adventure stories” and you fancy a “laugh out loud” school story you can’t go wrong with Spud.

The story starts on John’s first day at school, and his adventures (both at home with his mad family, and at school with the “crazy eight”) are  written in the form of a diary. Spud, it turns out is the nickname John is given by the boys in his House. You will have to read the books to find out why.  The books in order are are:

  1. Spud
  2. Spud – The Madness Continues…
  3. Spud – Learning to Fly
  4. Spud – Exit, pursued by a Bear

The fourth and final book in the series by John van de Ruit will soon be in the library, and the second film Spud – The Madness Continues was released in South Africa in June.

John van de Ruit on Twitter

John van de Ruit on Wikipedia

Spud The Movie – Crazy 8 interview

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