Article 5 by Kristen Simmons



Photo by Natalie Ford

Chase Jennings was the boy next door. Ember Miller was the girl who “took care” of her mother – a bit of a rebel – and constantly being fined by the soldiers of the Federal Bureau of Reformation for breaking Moral Statutes.

Chase and Ember become very close but their relationship ends when Chase is drafted into the FBR. The next time they meet Chase has come to arrest her mother (for breaking Article 5) and Ember is being sent away to a Girls’ Reformatory and Rehabilitation Center.

Why does Ember feel so protective about her Mum? Can she ever trust Chase again? Is it ever right to kill another human being? What is the best way to live in a country full of rules where “compliance is mandatory” –  submission, or free spirit ?

Without giving away too much of the story, these are just some of the questions that arise. I found it a riveting read. This book is an exciting journey across a dangerous country where no one can be trusted.

Mrs H.

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