Literacy Week – Wednesday

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 10.01.49 AMDAY THREE: WEDNESDAY


String art in the library

AmyAmy playing at Morning Tea

To continue with our theme of String, Amy performed some music in the library at Morning Tea. The musical instrument she is playing is a guzheng,  or Chinese Zither, which is a long flat instrument that rests on two pedestals. The player has to tape imitation fingernails onto their fingers in order to pluck the strings. The sound it makes is a unique haunting tone.

At Lunchtime we held the Inter-House Spelling Competition with Mr Rowley (below) reading out the words to be spelt.


Inter House Spelling winners

In an incredibly tight finish, congratulations go to the Peart House team of Joseph  and Nick who won the 2013 Inter House Spelling competition in the Lecture Theatre at lunchtime.

Peart scored 21 points to win the competition by two points from five teams – School House, Middlemore, Parnell, Taylor and St John’s House – who all claimed 19 points.

Finishing positions:
1 – Peart = 21 points
2 equal – School, Middlemore, Parnell, Taylor, St Johns = 19 points
7 – Marsden = 18 points
8 – Greenbank = 15 points
9 equal – Averill, Selwyn = 9 points
11 – Major = 5 points

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