The Bar Code Prophecy by Suzanna Weyn

This is a book by a New York writer with ideas and issues prevalent in 2012. Central to the story is the 2012 Mayan end-of-the-world prophecy and a race to discover what it could possibly be. A meteor smashing into earth, a huge tsunami or a Solar Wind? It also includes ordinary people fighting back against a big corporation, Global-1, that wants to take over the world (and own people) with no regard to the damage that it is doing to the earth. Several mentions are made in the book to the BP oil spillage that took place in April 2010.

Photo source flickr:  Girl with barcode by Lawria

Whilst all this is going on, Grace and Eric meet at a rock climbing centre and find themselves caught up on the side of those trying to save the world. They find themselves introduced to some futuristic technologies yet relying on Native American beliefs.
With just over 200 pages this is a short story that you will want to race through to the end.
Mrs H.


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