Colin Fischer

Read this book to find out “who did it” and learn a few cool things along the way.

gunPhoto by Art Bromage

Colin Fischer is an unusual detective story written by two authors (Ashley Edward Miller and Zachary Stentz) who met on the Internet as a result of their ” mutual love of all things Star Trek” .
The book begins as Colin Fischer (14 years old) starts his first day at high school, which incidentally, ends with his head down the toilet! Colin is a boy who loves facts, he is logical, he writes down what he observes in his notebook (in green ink) and he speaks the truth. But Colin can’t read facial expressions and has a prompt sheet of expressions to help him. “When a phone rings loudly in class, Colin can’t cope. So he barks like a dog. But when a gun goes off in the school cafeteria he isn’t scared. He’s curious…”
I really enjoyed this book, especially all the interesting facts that are included at the beginning each chapter, which illustrate and enhance the story. For example, did you know that rats laugh but humans can’t hear them? Keep reading and you will discover the best strategy for parking a car and getting into the shops,  all about The Prisoner’s Dilemma, The Kuleshov Effect and much more.

Mrs H.

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