Edible books? Sounds yummy!

Always in Trouble by Corinne Demas

Always in Trouble by Corinne Demas

Picture Source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/topekalibrary/5581019408/

The cake above is an example of an edible book based on the story by Corinne Demas about Toby, who no matter what day of the week it is, is up to no good. The cake was created by Kendall & Kamryn Reid as an entry in a competition run by Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Kansas, USA.

This is such a fantastic idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to run a competition like this in our library? There is another competition being run right now, (not based in the USA  or New Zealand, I hasten to add) called  the second Annual International Edible Book Festival 2013 and wherever you are in the world you are cordially invited to take part. For full details see here but to summarize, these are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Make an edible cake
Step 2. Take two photos (with one that “time dates” your photo eg with a newspaper)
Step 3. Email them to zoe.toft@kuvik.net including the title/author/illustrator of the book, with a sentence about what in particular inspired your edible book.

And if you are looking for further inspiration have a look at these fabulous cakes on the International Edible Book Festival Pinterest board created by Zoe Toft.

Mrs H.


3 responses to “Edible books? Sounds yummy!

  1. This year’s festival has closed I’m afraid – all the entries are on view here: http://www.playingbythebook.net/2013/03/21/opening-day-at-the-international-edible-book-festival/ The three winners will be announced on Thursday.

  2. Hello from Topeka, KS, USA! Thanks so much for picking up our program and sharing our work. This was our 7th annual Edible Book Festival. It was not our idea, we borrowed it from the Books2eat website: http://www.books2eat.com/. There you can see festivals and entries from around the world. They’re also on Facebook now at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Books2eat-International-Edible-Books-Festival/105378442920340

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