Are you on the weirder side of normal?

Funny Face #3

Photo used with permission by Raphael Ammann

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Derek Landy, the Irish author of the Skulduggery Pleasant series of books has been on a whirlwind tour of New Zealand recently promoting his new book The Kingdom of the Wicked.  He is one of many authors who have a blog and when he landed in New Zealand on the 10th August, he wrote, “New Zealand, eh? Lovely country, full of lunatics…” Perhaps this is because he describes his readers as being “on the weirder side of normal”.

Skulduggery Pleasant originally started out as a trilogy, but it now looks as if it is going to include nine books in total. If you have missed out so far then you can catch up on the books here. Derek describes them as being full of “ adventure, action, horror, fantasy, crime and humour…it’s the whole package”.

You may have seen his amusing interview on breakfast television whilst he was in New Zealand. To read more about Derek, and his writing, see this page where The Pulse talked to Derek about his characters, writing and his influences.

Mrs H.

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