Book covers do matter!


When I talked with a group of students recently about selecting books, I showed them a dozen or so books gathered to help them choose something interesting to read. Some I had read myself, some I knew were popular reads, as they were almost always out on loan from the library, some were new books chosen just because they had interesting covers. As I promoted one of them by saying, “This one looks interesting” the comment came right back, “But you can’t tell a book by its cover, sir.”

Quite right. Of course you can’t. Well, not always, anyway. But it is a start, and we went on to discuss other ways of choosing books – recognising the author’s name is a good start, so is a catchy / intriguing title,  so too is how long / short it is, what the text looks like on the page, what format the book is in (hardback / paperback / trade format paperback / picturebook / textbook). All of these help.

But we finally did agree: Covers do matter, because they are the first thing we notice. Even E-Books have cover designs!

Which leads me to the point of this blog article. I came across this book cover website today, An Archive of Book Cover Designs and Designers. We certainly don’t have them all in the library, but you may see some you like. Look them up, and if you really think our library should have them, let me or Mrs Hinton know.

And why those books above my comment? They are just two from the collection of  new books coming your way in the next week or so.

Mr F


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