Roadside Stories

With the holidays fast approaching, and the possibility that some of you might be travelling along the roads of New Zealand, perhaps now is a good time to mention the Roadside Stories. This is a series of audio guides (the brainchild of Briony Ellis) which have been put together by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, and follow major road trips in New Zealand. The stories cover the places you’ll pass along the way – their people, their history, their cultural and natural significance.

There are three ways of finding the stories.

1. …on your iPhone

The Roadside Stories app contains 11 tours of New Zealand, featuring over 100 stops, each with a four-minute audio file and photos. You can download the tours before heading out on the road so you don’t have to worry about paying for mobile data. Each tour includes a map to help you find the locations.

2. …on YouTube

You can view all the Roadside Stories, with added photos, on YouTube. Each tour of a New Zealand route is grouped as a playlist, so you can watch the whole tour, one story after another – or just the stories that most interest you.

3. …on Google Maps

Tour New Zealand with Roadside Stories on a Google map. The stories are arranged by location and route, so you can follow the tours around the country. The West Coast and Northland tours will be added later in September.

So as you are travelling along, enjoy hearing  the stories about the people and places you are passing!


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