Add GLEAN Comparison Search to your range of search tools

The GLEAN Comparison Search engine is a very useful tool to add to your search tricks. It allows you to search for “positive” and “negative” results on the topic of your choice and have those results displayed side by side, for you to choose from.

For instance, if you were asked in Social Studies to research the treaty and to write a statement or essay on the pros and cons of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles (as was a class I worked with recently), this search engine would be very helpful in listing websites with contrasting information for you to look at.

Search for pros and cons of the Treaty of Versailles

As you select your contrasting terms, a list of websites appears in each column.

Results list of websites listed in the pros and cons columns

If you want new comparison terms, or to start another search, just select “Clear Board” and type in your new words. Note that you also have the option to choose your own comparison terms – I could have chosen “Fair” and “Unfair”.

Now try it out for yourself on something you are studying at the moment – GLEAN Comparison Search Engine.

Mr F

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