Rugby World Cup 2011 – We are ready!!!

To celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup 2011 tomorrow we have decorated the library with bunting and balloons and bought some new books. We have put up posters of all the pool games and we can’t wait to fill in the results on our chart.

We have prepared a Rugby World Cup quiz with the lucky winner winning the New Zealand supporter ball featured in the cabinet below.

Let’s hope that Dave Gallaher 1873 – 1917  Captain of the All Blacks “The originals” team would be proud. He certainly looks good outside Eden Park.

Also outside Eden Park is this sculpture of Michael Jones 1987 who was the scorer of the first try of the first Rugby World Cup in his first game for the All Blacks.

Getting us in the mood some students in the library helped create this visual tag cloud made up of words about rugby  Tag cloud

This is a view of The Cloud

Finally to keep you up-to-date here are some useful links:

1. Auckland City The World’s Here to Play site

2. Rugby World Cup site

3. New Zealand Rugby Union site

4. All Blacks site

5. Eden Park site

6. English RFU site

7. Official Home of the Springbok

8. French Rugby Site Federation Francaise de Rugby [Please view this at home because it is blocked at school due to the moving cartoon featured on the front page every day]

9. Services to schools This is a fantastic site full of many online resources around the Rugby World Cup 2011.

10. A fascinating widget with great visuals this is a quick and easy way to find out match schedules, host cities, dates, national teams and pool stages. By placing your cursor around the edge of the “stadium” the information you want appears in the middle of the filed.

Follow Rugby World Cup 2011 with Europcar

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